Woojin Plaimm lines up hydraulic, electric, two platen and hybrid type of injection molding machine with the range of 30~4,300 tons.

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TH series

Hydraulic Plaimm
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Multipurpose hydraulic injection machine

TH series are versatile hydraulic injection machines, capable of applying variety of options depending on the needs of our customers. Depending on the user’s option settings, TH-S (energy saving), TH-M (high speed injection), TH-H (Hybrid), etc. It is possible to transform into various forms. The injection part is unitized therefore depending on the product, you can set the appropriate and suitable specifications for molding.
Major Features
Line Up (Global) 50~450 ton (10 unit models) Line Up (USA) 55~500 ton (10 Unit Models)
Controller B&R (made in Austria)
Driving source Electric pump (TH-G), servo pump (TH-S), accumulator (TH-M) etc.
Injection part Inline screw, dual pull nozzle touch cylinder, LM guide, etc.
Clamping part Center press platen structure, LM guide, etc.
TH-S (energy saving)Servo system applied for energy saving improvement
TH-M (high speed) Accumulator applied for ultra high speed injection
TH-H (Hybrid) Mold opening during charging for short cycle time.
TH-SPET (PET pre form) For molding PET pre form
TH-SMC (mobile phone) For molding mobile phone parts

※ The optional features can be applied or overlapped. (example: SH, SM, etc.)