Woojin Plaimm lines up hydraulic, electric, two platen and hybrid type of injection molding machine with the range of 30~4,300 tons.

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TE series

Electric PLAIMM
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Electric injection machine

TE series are all electric machines that use only the electric motor to function all operations and control methods. The ball screw in the clamping structure allows the electric motors rotary motion to switch to the linear motion. LM guide has been applied to the center press platen and the movable platen in order to raise molding precision. Injection operation is also controlled by the electric motor therefore charge during mold opening, ejecting etc. simultaneous action allows this model to maximize energy saving and productivity.
Major Features
Line Up30~450 ton (9 Unit Models)
ControllerB&R (made in Austria)
Driving sourceAll Electric
Injection partServo motor, In-line screw type, LM guide etc.
Clamping partServo motor, Ball screw servo motor, LM guide, center press platen structure etc.
TE-MHigh speed injection
TE-MCHigh speed, high pressure injection