Woojin Plaimm lines up hydraulic, electric, two platen and hybrid type of injection molding machine with the range of 30~4,300 tons.

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TB series

Hydraulic Plaimm
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Energy saving hydraulic injection machine

TB series are energy saving injection machines with the machine structure and control system to optimize the servo pump system. We designed the clamping parts center press integral template structure, high rigidity frame, and applied the mold adjust brake motor to improve the molding precision and reproducibility, With the major components designed to be reduced to the minimum/optimum, we materialized higher clamping force than the existing equipments and the products vibration noise have been improved as well.
Major Features
Line Up (Global) 90~880 ton (11 Unit Models) Line Up (USA) 100~970 ton (11 Unit Models)
Controller ES600 (made in Japan)
Driving Source Servo pump system
Injection part Molding precision: dual cylinder structure, dual nozzle touch cylinder structure, closed loop control, etc.
Clamping part Center press platen structure, tie bar bush, mold adjust brake motor, eccentric rollers, etc.
Oil circulation method Oil circulation part and refinement part have been separated therefore hydraulic fluid’s supply is stable and oil leaking condition have been improved.