Woojin Plaimm lines up hydraulic, electric, two platen and hybrid type of injection molding machine with the range of 30~4,300 tons.

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NC series

Dual colors injection Hydraulic PLAIMM
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Dual (2color) hydraulic injection machine

NC Series are dual (2color) injection machines that are designed to be suitable for modling 2 types of resin or colored products at a time. Rotary table controlled by the servo motor and 2 horizontal injection devices necessary for dual injection are applied so it is able to produce the products efficiently.
Major Features
Line Up130,220 ton (2 unit models)
ControllerGTB (made in Italy)
Driving sourceServo motor
Injection partHorizontal dual (2color) injection device
Clamping partRotary Table structure (2 mold base settings available)