Woojin Plaimm lines up hydraulic, electric, two platen and hybrid type of injection molding machine with the range of 30~4,300 tons.

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DL series

Two Platen PLAIMM
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Two platen direct locking injection machine

DL series are composed of 2 platens (movable/fixed), 2 platen clamping structure is applied to the 2 platen direct injection machine to conserve the area of installation and at the same time, wide open mold distance and tie bar spacing are guaranteed therefore it is suitable to take action for variety of large product molding. We possess from 450ton med-large size up to 3500 ton ultra-large size extensive product family of machines.
Major Features
Line Up450~3500 ton (10 Unit Models)
ControllerGTB (made in Italy)
Driving sourceGeneral pump (DL), servo pump (DL-S)
Injection partDual cylinder injection unit etc.
Clamping partTwo platen clamping unit etc.
DL-SH Charging during molding opening, ejecting etc. simultaneous action materialized for production improvement