Woojin Plaimm has been only producting plastic injection molding machine and Since its establishment of 1985 and has respected.

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Woojin Plaimm Co., Ltd. is dedicated to creating a better quality of life through the development of more efficient solutions for manufacturing plastic products.

Customers - Primary Value

  • Customer satisfaction is first priority
  • Woojin Plaimm's success is the outcome fo customer satisfaction.
  • Customers are Woojin Plaimm's primary partner for the future.

Quality - Pride

  • As a leading plastic injection molding equipment manufacturer, the highest aspiration in Woojin Plaimm's pride is quality production.
  • On the basis of a quality-oriented philosophy, Woojin Plaimm guarantees the perfection of its products at all times, anywhere.
  • For sustaining the highest quality with competitive pricing, Woojin Plaimm strategically invests in technology for excellent quality control.
  • Contineous, technological investment and quality control reflect the realization of customer demand and satisfaction..

Shared Growth - Sustainability

  • Woojin Plaimm creates a business culture to realize sustainable growth.
  • Cooperation and communication with our partners create a commnuity spirit to generate synergy and continuous technological exchanges.
  • Shared and healthy management is fundamental for Woojin Plaimm's stakeholder's benefit.

Talent - Highest Asset

  • Woojin Plaimm's talent is leading element in attracting customer's mind and creating highest quality products.
  • Woojin Plaimm's future will come true through its talents, capacity, and passion which are promoted by productive human investment.